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Types of Septic Installs We Provide


Pipe and Gravel Septic System

Pipe and Gravel Septic Systems are gravel trenches with embedded perforated pipe. They are proven to treat all the household sewage through a septic tank and gravel system lateral line leach field.


These effective systems always distribute the wastewater over a specified area, allowing for the water discharge to be effectively absorbed into the soil and evaporated into the air.

Chamber Septic System

Chamber Septic System

Chamber Septic Systems are plastic wastewater distribution systems buried in the soil without the use of surrounding gravel. Chambers are best used in small situations with excellent soil percolation rates.


These systems have more consistent drainage with handling a large volume of water over a short period of time and are less likely to get compacted due to the structural element in the plastic chambers.

T & J Panel Septic System

T&J Panel Septic System

T&J Panel Septic Systems are block alternatives that maintain high-quality. They are better for when jobs have insufficient space for waste or if there are future plans that are going to require space.


These systems are capable of producing high-quality effluent while discharging the effluent closer to the surface. Each panel works as its own individual unit and can be grouped in places with the best soil.

Our Process

First – We meet with the county or the soil scientist before any work is performed to ensure we understand exactly what they want and what the requirements are for each system as well as what obstacles we can expect on each job site.

Second – The septic is installed in coordination with the contractor’s schedule to keep your project on target.

Third – There is a thorough inspection and testing of the septic system upon completion of the installation to ensure the system is installed correctly and will last for many years.

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